Aussie Student Inventions that Changed the World

In Term 4 last year ClickView held a competition, Aussie Student Inventions That Changed the World, conducting a nationwide search for the next generation of inventors. Students were required to apply creativity, critical thinking, innovation and problem solving by submitting a unique design that solved an identified problem in society, inspired by the innovations presented in the mini-series. Clancy students were encouraged to apply and supported by Miss Hanning, Mr Masters and Miss B.Hamill. 

Four students entered the competition in years 7 and 8. We are pleased to announce Jorja of year 9 as the winner of the Lower Secondary division (Year 7-9). Her invention, the Epinject as inspired by Professor Fiona Wood’s ‘Spray on Skin’ innovation, was selected by a panel of experts including Australia’s leading innovators; Sally Dominguez, Dr Niraj Lal and Evan Clark. 

Jorja will receive mentoring sessions with the judging panel to transform her concept into a reality, cash from ClickView towards the creation process as well as invaluable exposure to networks of innovators, via the networks of the judging panel and ClickView’s industry peers, audiences and customer network. 

Congratulations to Jorja for her outstanding achievement and to all the students who entered the competition.