Experience educational excellence with Sydney Catholic Schools, a high-quality, affordable and faith-based education.

At Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton, we believe in providing every child with the opportunity to access a quality Catholic education. We understand that circumstances vary for each family, and we are committed to supporting those in need.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in our school and require financial assistance, we encourage you to reach out to our school office. Our Principal is available for a confidential discussion to explore the available support options tailored to your situation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help.

Please find below the 2024 annual school fees* for Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton.

Scholastic Year First Child Second Child Third Child Fourth Child
Year 7 $3,928 $3,717 $3,190 $1,819
Year 8 $3,462 $3,273 $2,801 $1,573
Year 9 $4,074 $3,865 $3,341 $1,980
Year 10 $3,667 $3,458 $2,934 $1,573
Year 11 $4,214 $3,935 $3,238 $1,424
Year 12 $3,946 $3,667 $2,970 $1,156

Sibling Discounts:

Sibling discounts are applied below for families with more than one child attending Sydney Catholic Systemic Schools.

Building Levies:

An additional building levy of $809 will apply to the eldest sibling in the family attending a Sydney Catholic Systemic School.


School Fees are invoiced annually at the beginning of each school year in February.

Parents/Carers have the option when enrolling to nominate their preferred payment method either by term (over the first 3 terms), month or fortnight. If a nomination is not made, payments will be set to the default monthly method.
All fees must be paid in full by the due date shown on the fee statement.

Catholic Education Foundation:

Through the generosity of individuals and organisations, the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) provides school fee support for families in need, giving every child the opportunity to reach their full potential. Eligible students can apply for support for the below bursaries funded by CEF:

  1. Financial Hardship Bursary
  2. Indigenous Bursary
  3. Refugee Bursary
  4. Foster Child Bursary

Please contact our school for more information.

Elective fees including VET & TVET (Years 11 & 12) are not included in the fees above.

Additional fees may apply for specific events or optional programs such as band or representative sports. Schools will endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum.
The fees above are not applicable for full fee paying overseas/visa students. Please contact the school office for further information.