Remote Learning Update

As Remote Learning continues we would like to clarify a couple of the most common concerns we have received and highlight some slight adjustments the College will be making to improve the overall Remote Learning experience. 

Zoom Lessons

As of Week 4 all Zoom lessons will appear on Google calendar in their allocated time. This will mean students can use this web application to access their Zoom lessons. This video explains how students can locate these meetings. 

In return, the College is requesting that:

  • students have their cameras on during lessons, unless they have negotiated an alternate arrangement with their teacher prior to the lesson. 
  • students ensure they are logged into Zoom prior to commencing their lessons. Some students are receiving error messages that they are not authorised to access specific lessons, however, if students ensure they have logged into Zoom prior to their lessons, this will avoid this situation. This video explains how students can ensure they have logged into Zoom. 


To support students in their organisation and reduce the number of emails they are receiving, all classwork for the week will be located in the first lesson for each subject in their Compass schedule for that week. For example; The student’s first lesson for Maths may fall on a Tuesday, therefore, the work for the week will be placed in Tuesday’s lesson. Further to this, parents and carers will also be able to view the links to the work allocated to their child through the Compass parent portal. 

Please note:

  • work will no longer be sent via email to the students.
  • parents and carers will not have access to Google classrooms or Google docs unless they access these documents from their child’s account. 

This video explains how both students and parents can locate allocated work as of Week 4. 

Due to this change, the College is encouraging students to:

  • change the setting in their Google Classroom to minimise the number of emails they are receiving. This video explains the recommended settings for students in Google classroom. 

 A one page summary document that provides you with all this key information can be located on the Remote Learning Site which is a favourite in Compass. 

Students will also receive this information in Pastoral.